Water, Water Everywhere | The Allure of Lakeside Swimming Pools
Ready for Guests | Ensuring a Memorable Visit
Light the Way | Standout Lighting for Your Home
A Happy Place | Weekend Getaway Offers Peace and Pleasure
Lakeside Luxury | French Country Family Retreat
Restorative Beauty | Open Floor Plan Optimizes Views and Vacation Fun
Smith Mountain Lake Home Magazine 2019



Bottoms Up! | Creating a Home Bar

The bar is a crucial element to pulling off home entertaining and can make your house the coolest one on the lake. Whether you are having a big bash with ...
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Creative Closets | Maximizing Spare Space

Closet space is always scarce. No matter how much you think you have, you can always use more—especially at the lake, where beach towels and guest linens can take up ...
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Pathways | What to Know for Lakeside Footpaths

The pathways around your home aren’t just about getting from one point to another. They can and should be a beautiful part of your property’s design. But with all the ...
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Garden Stars | Homegrown Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the passion of many a home gardener. Once you’ve gotten a taste for homegrown tomatoes fresh off the vine, it’s hard to go back to the supermarket produce ...
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Buon Appetito! | Pizza 0n the Patio

We all know the best pizzas are made in the hottest ovens, but as the temperature rises outside, many of us prefer not to heat up our kitchens. A fancy ...
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Cocktail Hour | Easy, Breezy Summer Classics

When the weather is balmy and a beautiful lakeside sunset beckons, a tasty cocktail you can whip up in a snap is just the thing. For maximum ease, a self-serve ...
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