We’ve Got You Covered | Trends in Flooring

Sometimes, looking back, we wonder how we ever lived with things like cargo furniture, early American prints and avocado-green shag carpeting. But as any designer or home decorator can tell ...
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What About Wicker? | Add Texture and Style to Any Room

Have you considered adding a wicker piece to your home? Even beyond the sunroom, wicker furnishings can work in nearly any home design. From wicker accent chairs and coffee tables ...
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On Trend | 10 Home Design Looks You’ll See this Year

Ready to refresh your nest? We’ve picked through designers’ blogs and Instagram feeds to pinpoint some of the most outstanding home design trends for 2020. From furniture and fabrics to ...
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Bottoms Up! | Creating a Home Bar

The bar is a crucial element to pulling off home entertaining and can make your house the coolest one on the lake. Whether you are having a big bash with ...
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Creative Closets | Maximizing Spare Space

Closet space is always scarce. No matter how much you think you have, you can always use more—especially at the lake, where beach towels and guest linens can take up ...
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Docks That Rock | Blending Function and Fun

When viewers watch couples choosing between properties on HGTV’s “Lakefront Home Search” series, the docks that accompany those homes are often little more than seasonal narrow metal catwalks suitable for ...
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Pillow Talk | The Art of the Throw Pillow

All hail the versatile throw pillow! These small decorative items that adorn the corners of couches, the top of bedspreads, and the Adirondacks down on the dock are the workhorses ...
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Sort It Out! | Designing an Efficient Laundry System

No matter where you live, laundry seems to pile up quickly. But at the lake, without a well-designed laundry system, it can become an untamed beast. Friends, family and visitors ...
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