Planting for the Birds and the Bees

With recent declines in pollinator populations, more gardeners are taking care to plant items that attract and sustain these essential creatures. Over 75 percent of the world’s flowering plants depend ...
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Plant Smart, Plant Local | Native Shrubs that Thrive At Smithmountain Lake

Gardeners are often counseled toward selecting “native plants” in their choice of groundcover, shrubs and landscaping flora. Makes sense, but some of the traditional favorites—crepe myrtle and butterfly bush come ...
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Mulch Matters | The Many Benefits for Lakeside Landscapes

Mulch offers a host of landscape perks. In the warmer months, it helps prevent weeds and slows evaporation, thereby conserving water. In cooler months, it acts as a blanket against ...
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Pathways | What to Know for Lakeside Footpaths

The pathways around your home aren’t just about getting from one point to another. They can and should be a beautiful part of your property’s design. But with all the ...
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Garden Stars | Homegrown Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the passion of many a home gardener. Once you’ve gotten a taste for homegrown tomatoes fresh off the vine, it’s hard to go back to the supermarket produce ...
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All Season Long | Annuals Make Gardening Easy

Annuals have a short but prolific life—they exist to grow fast and lush for one glorious growing season, remaining in bloom for most of their fleeting lives. They are a ...
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The Front View | How to Boost Curb Appeal at the Lake

With most of our time at Smith Mountain Lake spent on or around the water, focus on the front entrance of our homes tends to get lost. It’s no wonder: ...
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Non-Stop Blooms | Stage a Flowering Performance for Three Seasons

Some things in life are just too good to come to an end. We get so excited to see those beautiful blooms arrive in spring, as tulips and daffodils add ...
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