Get Your Shine Back | Tips to Avoid a Lackluster Lakehouse

Maintaining a clean house at the lake can present its own challenges. Between hosting family members or guests, taking part in lake activities, or simply dealing with day-to-day living, things ...
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Dock-Ease | The Latest in Dock Convenience Items

Photography by Craig Shaffer Shorefront property owners at Smith Mountain Lake are dressing up their docks with both high-tech and time-tested accessories to facilitate use and storage of watercraft and ...
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The Details of Decking | Design, Construct, Improve & Enjoy!

If you are going to invest in a house on the lake, then most likely you are going to want a deck overlooking that gorgeous water; a place to enjoy ...
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Keeping Bugs at Bay | Natural Remedies to Combat Common Pests

It doesn’t matter if they have four legs or four hundred, when bugs come around, they bug us. There’s good reason to be irritated, as some species can transmit diseases ...
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Ready, Set, Spruce! |Cleaning Tips for Life at the Lake

Lake life is about friends and family stopping by for a short visit, a day trip, or an overnight stay. We all want to focus on boating, fishing and relaxing ...
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Gather Up the Gear | Storing Your Lake Stuff

Summer is clearly the peak time at the lake, but our location on the map also affords us a lengthy season to play in the water or on the golf ...
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Grocery Strategies | Simple Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste

While at Smith Mountain Lake, the last view you want to ponder on a Saturday night is the endless row of products at the grocery store. When warm evenings on ...
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Summer Safety | Be Prepared for What Ails You

Ah, summertime! As the Smith Mountain Lake air warms and the skies above clear to brilliant blue, everyone has visions of sunny months ahead filled with outdoor activities. But whether ...
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