Gather Up the Gear | Storing Your Lake Stuff

Summer is clearly the peak time at the lake, but our location on the map also affords us a lengthy season to play in the water or on the golf ...
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Grocery Strategies | Simple Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste

While at Smith Mountain Lake, the last view you want to ponder on a Saturday night is the endless row of products at the grocery store. When warm evenings on ...
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Summer Safety | Be Prepared for What Ails You

Ah, summertime! As the Smith Mountain Lake air warms and the skies above clear to brilliant blue, everyone has visions of sunny months ahead filled with outdoor activities. But whether ...
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Playful & Practical | Add an Outdoor Shower to your Lake Property

There’s something nostalgic about showering in the great outdoors, something that brings back memories of summers past. Beach trips, summer camp, rustic cabins at the lake and family camping outings ...
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Down on the Dock | Make your Boathouse Work for You

Anyone who lives or plays at Smith Mountain Lake knows the dock can be a wonderful extension of summer living and entertaining space. So for lakefront property owners planning a ...
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Water Toys: Floating Fun To Amp Up Your Waterfront Game

If you spend any time at all at Smith Mountain Lake, you’ve discovered how the lure of the lake’s pleasant waters can be too strong to resist. You just have ...
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Standby Power Plans

Lightning is flashing, the wind is blowing, the trees are bending and overhead wires are singing. Then … the dreaded flicker and, sure enough: lights out! You hold your breath ...
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Organized Sundries: Get Ready to Grab-and-Go to the Lake

Once it’s time to get out on the lake and enjoy the boat or jet ski, or just hang out on the dock, your day might begin like this: You ...
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